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Royal jelly

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion from the glands in the hypopharynx of young worker bees. It could be described as a protein cream, milky white in color, with a peculiar odor and a slightly bitter acidic taste.

It is the exclusive food of the queen bee for a lifetime. It is stored in specially constructed queen cells by young worker bees to feed the larvae. Because of this different food, the queen becomes twice the size of the workers, has vibrant colors and lives 30 times longer than worker bees do.

Royal jelly consists of 67% water, 15.5% protein, 12.5% sugar and 4% lipids and mineral salts. The protein provides all essential amino acids in adequate proportions. Sugars are mainly composed of glucose and fructose in relatively stable proportion, similar to honey. The ratio of lipids is a great, very interesting feature of royal jelly. Lipids are composed mainly of fatty acids of an unusual, rare structure, the most important of which is 10-Hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid having antibacterial and fungicidal properties.

What gives royal jelly its amazing properties is the abundance of B vitamins that are crucial to the proper function not only of our nervous system, but also of the organism in whole. Royal jelly contains thiamine B1 3.9mg, riboflavin B2 26,5mg, B3 niacin 84mg , pantothenic acid 186mg, pyridoxine B6 2,4mg, inositol 100mg, 1,7mg biotin, folic acid 0,2mg.

It also contains vitamins C, D, A, and E in smaller quantities. The main minerals contained are K, Ca, Na, Zn, Fe, Cu and Mn, with a remarkable prevalence of K, although less than in pollen. It also contains a number of active substances, such as acetylcholine, in a quantity of more than 1 mg / gr, which has vasodilatory properties useful in the treatment of circulatory disorders that occur in older people.

Royal jelly helps the cardiovascular, circulatory, genetic-urinary, nervous and dermatological system. It increases man's physical, sexual and mental condition, while new research has shown that it has anticancer and flu-fighting properties. Anyone who feels depression and weakness is in need of royal jelly.

Because of its composition, royal jelly is very sensitive to light and air. It has been found that at room temperature of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius it retains its properties for 20 hours, in the fridge for 6 to 12 months and in the freezer up to 2 years. Mixed with honey it retains its properties for up to a month.

The daily dose of fresh royal jelly is up to half a gram. The best time to consume it is in the morning, a quarter before breakfast, by putting it under the tongue so as to be absorbed directly into the blood, and not come into contact with the stomach where it could be destroyed by acids. After 20 days of use, it should be stopped for 10 days and then the cycle can be repeated.

Royal jelly is a miracle of nature. From the very first days of use it gives a sense of well-being that comes from the significant stimulation of the nervous system. The memory and sexual capacity become normal. After a few weeks of use the skin and especially the face acquires youthful appearance. Royal Jelly nourishes and strengthens muscles, nerves, glands of internal secretion and increases red blood cells.

Our first and foremost priority is royal jelly to arrive in your hands fresh, as it comes from our apiary, from inside the queen cells, without losing its valuable properties. We are confident that you will discover the miraculous properties of the original royal jelly we produce.

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