Licenses - Certifications - Physicochemical Analyses

Our company, "Amphipolis Apiculture", consistent with its obligations and devoted to offering its customers pure and high quality products, has carried out a chemical analysis of this year's production in cooperation with the accredited laboratory of "QLAB". Analyses indicate an excellent honey, of excellent quality and perfect HMF levels. The lack of heavy metals shows that our bees graze exclusively on the pure and undefiled nature of Mount Pangaio. The fact that there are no traces of pesticides or sugars, which would alter the quality of our honey, confirms the special care, attention and love we show to our colonies.

Dermatology Certification

Dermatological tests - Face cream

Dermatological tests - Propolis


The company Amphipolis Apiculture applies an ISO 22000: 2005 Quality Management System, certified by SWISS APPROVAL Technische Bewertung SA

The TUV mark, one of the strongest Brand names on the planet, is a synonym of safety and quality.

In this effort for substantial improvement, our company will be supervised by two surveillance audits per year.


Start up

Άδεια Ασκ. Ποτοποιού.

We are located in the Municipality of Amphipolis, at the foot of Mount Pangaion.

Panagiotis C. Syrpas

zip code 62 041, Rodolivos
Municipality of Amphipolis,
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